[one_half first]On the Sea Shore (Medium)[/one_half] [one_half]

My love of photography started as a child. My parents had a camera and allowed me to
use it if I looked after it. It was a Kodak Brownie with the viewfinder on the top. My parents
didn’t have a lot of money to spare, but when I could, I was out taking picture. High school
was where I was introduced to 35 mm cameras. The theory of photography was so boring. I
just loved the photo walks to take photos and develop them.

Years later when I bought a 35 mm camera and the love affair began again.
Ever since then I have been out there looking for those magic moments. Now that I am retired
My wife and I travel around North America looking for those magic moments.

Most of my photography is taken without people in them. I love the way nature speaks to us
and allows us to photograph it. We do not own our planet but are allowed the pleasure of seeing
its beauty. Our planet allows us to see its geology so we can see how it has evolved over time.
I hope you will enjoy the places that I have be lucky enough to photograph.