I have been shooting long before the digital age. I love what the camera can capture. The darkroom was always
a place to play. The smell of the darkroom is something you never forget.

I am now shooting with my two digital Canon cameras now. The digital cameras see things in such a different
way. Using these to bring out the colours in the images just adds to the feeling the image brings.

So many interests in my live add the flavour of my photography. As I get older the interests change and so does
how I capture my images. That journey is recorded by what I create my images.

Between travelling and just looking around where I live now, there is so many things to capture am continually
adding places to see and create the images. Please enjoy the images.

Business Life

I have owned four businesses over the last forty years. Each and everyone of them a labour of love.
Manufacturing and exporting products to clients all around the world.

Today I have the fun of working at a part time photography business.


Studying and shooting examples of geological formations


Southern BBQ



Home made spice blends

Latest Photo Projects

Learning how to shoot birds in flight.

Shooting air shows and planes while static.

Photo Gear

Canon 7D and my old back up Canon Rebel Xti

Benro tripod

Canon scanner

Two Canon Printers.


Continuing to take courses in photography
help new photographers.


Carving walking sticks

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