To create a gallery, click the Add Media button at the top and then the Create Gallery link. You can also just insert an image into the page. Everything is done via built-in WordPress features we all know and love.

The best thing of it all is that this is just a standard post or page, nothing really special about it. You can add galleries or images at your will and create an incredible photo story.


A photo story starts by adding images

While creating galleries, you get the Column option: if you choose “1” in the Gallery Settings as your Number of Columns, you will get a horizontal gallery where one image usually takes most of the screen. If you choose “2”, you get a before-after feature with 2 images. If you choose more, you will get a nice masonry gallery with the number of columns you chose.


“I felt so special during the shoot. Dragon Studio’s photographers and hair & makeup artists took great care of me. Even if I’m not a real model and don’t know how to pose, they were able to direct me in a very professional way so that I felt comfortable and pretty. The finished portraits are now hanging on my walls and everyone is blown away with them!”